Top 100 R&D Awards Announced for 2006

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AUGUST 28, 2006

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Top 100 R&D Awards Announced for 2006 

The elan2™ Liquid Nitrogen Generator has been selected to receive one of the highest honors possible for a new technology, a top 100 R&D award.  This represents the second Top 100 R&D award for MMR Technologies, a California based company with expertise in variable temperature control and material property measurement instrumentation.

The R&D 100 Awards have been the industry standard of excellence for the last 44 years.  They are awarded by an independent judging panel of technical experts and R&D Magazine’s editors, award winning products are based on their “importance, uniqueness and usefulness.”

The elan2 Liquid Nitrogen Generator extracts pure nitrogen from the surrounding are and converts it to liquid nitrogen that can be dispensed by a simple push of a button.  This instrument is the first of its kind to be available for any laboratory or office setting, bringing a level of convenience previously unknown.

Winners will be presented plaques at a formal banquet in October at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

About MMR Technologies, Inc.

MMR Technologies, Inc was founded in 1980 to capitalize on the development at Stanford University of micro-miniature, photo-lithographically fabricated, cryogenic refrigerators. These refrigerators provide the cooling for MMR's line of instruments for the characterization of materials. MMR Technologies also provides OEM manufacturing of low-cost, reliable, closed cycle cryogenic coolers for use in a variety of applications.  MMR Technologies is based in Mountain View, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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