MMR Technologies Launches the new elan2 with a 2007 Road Show!

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AUGUST 28, 2006

MOBILE: (408) 306-0168

MMR Technologies Launches the new elan2™ with a 2007 Road Show! 

MMR Technologies is excited to introduce our new elan2 Liquid Nitrogen Generator product line, recipient of one of the 2006 Top 100 R&D Awards. The winning of an R&D 100 Award provides a mark of excellence known to industry, government, and academia as proof that the product is one of the most innovative ideas of the year.

Come by our booths and say hi!

For the Dermatologists, Cosmetologists, and other medical and spa professionals, we would like to extend an invitation to come and see this incredible, safe, and convenient “on-tap” supply of liquid nitrogen. You can put it in your office or in your laboratory – wherever it is convenient for you!

  • DNA Annual Meeting 2007 - Dermatology Nurses Association Annual Meeting in Arlington VA on February 1 st and 2 nd .
  • AAD 2007 - American Association of Dermatologists Spring Conference in Washingon , DC on Feburary 3 rd through 6 th .
  • The American Spa Expo in New York City , March 11 th through 14 th .
  • EADV 16 th Congress – European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Congress 2007 in Vienna , Austria on May 16 th through 20 th .
  • World Congress of Dermatology in Buenos Aires , Argentina on October 1 st through 5 th .

For our academic and industrial users, we would like to extend an invitation to come and see a way to revolutionize the way you do things in your lab. No longer do you require large tanks of liquid nitrogen and special handling considerations – when all you need are a few liters a day!

  • Pittcon 2007 – The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy in Chicago , IL on February 25 through March 2.
  • MRS Spring Show 2007 – The Materials Research Society Spring Show in San Francisco , CA on April 9 through April 13.
  • E-MRS Spring 2007 – The European Materials Research Society Annual Meeting in Strasbourg , France May 28 through June 1.
  • Microscopy and Microanalysis 2007 in Fort Lauderdale , FL on August 6 through August 9.
  • JAIMA 2007 – Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturer's Association Meeting in Makuhari Messe on August 29 through 31 st.

About MMR Technologies, Inc.

MMR Technologies, Inc was founded in 1980 to capitalize on the development at Stanford University of micro-miniature, photo-lithographically fabricated, cryogenic refrigerators. These refrigerators provide the cooling for MMR's line of instruments for the characterization of materials. MMR Technologies also provides OEM manufacturing of low-cost, reliable, closed cycle cryogenic coolers for use in a variety of applications. MMR Technologies is based in Mountain View , CA in the heart of Silicon Valley.
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