Cryo Cooler Division receives new manufacturing facility.

JUNE 01, 2014


MMR Cyrocooler Division moves to a purpose built manufacturing facility.

To increase production of the Elan2digital and other products an additional 6500sqr/feet of space within walking distance to MMR's silicon valley headquarters was acquired.

The increased space allowes for higher production rates and inventory storage. With the addition of a 1800sqr/foot Class 100 clean room components can be built to the highest standard possible.

These new premises are located at 1400 N Shoreline Blvd, Building C1, Mountain View, CA 94043.




About MMR Technologies, Inc.

MMR Technologies, Inc was founded in 1980 to capitalize on the development at Stanford University of micro-miniature, photo-lithographically fabricated, cryogenic refrigerators. These refrigerators provide the cooling for MMR's line of instruments for the characterization of materials. MMR Technologies also provides OEM manufacturing of low-cost, reliable, closed cycle cryogenic coolers for use in a variety of applications.  MMR Technologies is based in Mountain View, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley.

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