What is the difference between the Office Generator and the Autotransfer Station?

The Office Generator has an internal reservoir that can hold approximately 1 liter of liquid nitrogen. Once this tank is full, the system goes into a standby mode until some or all of the liquid nitrogen has been used or evaporated off. At this point, the elan2 will power up and start production again. It will take approximately 3 to 4 hours to fill the internal reservoir once the instrument is at the cooling temperature.

The Autotransfer Station produces liquid nitrogen at the rateapproximately 6 liters every 24 hours, but continuously transfers this to a large external 20 liter tank. It takes approximately 3.5 days to fill this tank. When you need larger volumes of liquid nitrogen at a time, this is the ideal set up - you can take what you need from the larger tank, and then continue production.

We do not have a system that has a larger generation capacity than the Autotransfer Station.

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