What maintenance is required?

The elan2digital maintains itself and automatically carries out a self cleaning cycle if the production rate or efficiency decreases. Each cleaning cycle takes the elan2 system down from production for roughly 4 hours.

In times when humidity or temperature go outside of the recommended operating environment for extended periods of time, or if the system has had to shut down or be unplugged due to electrical storms, etc - a cleaning cycle begins automatically as a precaution.

In all cases the elan2digital will detect and automatically clean the clogging caused by excess moisture, the owner will be alerted should the cleaning process fail or if the environment is too hot or humid.

A filter needs to be changed on the elan2 system regularly. The frequency depends upon the dust levels in the environment surrounding the system. Typically, filters are replaced once every 1-3months. Contact the sales team for additional filters when needed.

The air compressor has moving un-lubricated parts. If the system is used continuously it will be necessary to service the air compressor at the factory every 24-36 months. An air compressor exchange program exists so that production downtime is minimized.

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