What do I need to operate the elan2?

You need two things to operate the elan2:

1. Standard electricity from a wall outlet: 2 to 3 outlets depending on the system
(Note: It is recommended this is not on the same circuit as other heavy equipment like lasers, sanitizers, autoclaves, etc.)

2. Good airflow in the room the elan2 is installed.
(Note: These may not be installed in a small closer or storage room where there is not good air flow. The elan2 uses the nitrogen from the air to produce liquid nitrogen. An inadequate air supply, like that found in a small closet, could result in damage to the instrument, not covered under warranty.

3. The room the Úlan2 is in must meet the following requirements:
  a. Room temperature may not exceed 25 C (77 F).
  b. The room should be free of dust and exhaust from other instrumentation.
  c. The room should be free of volatile organic compounds or the storage of cleaning products.
  d. The room should be of low humidity.

More detailed information on the all facilities requirements of these systems can be found in the Facilities Requirement Documents.

Autotransfer Station Facility RequirementsDownload PDF

Office Facility RequirementsDownload PDF

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