How is this liquid nitrogen better or different from medical grade liquid nitrogen?

There is really no such thing as medical grade liquid nitrogen. The only difference between medical grade liquid nitrogen sold and regular liquid nitrogen is the label placed on the bottle and the price. At this time the FDA does not have any regulations at all on liquid nitrogen - it is not a monitored or certified product. This means there is no “medical grade”.

The liquid nitrogen you have delivered is approximately 98% pure, but it frequently has additional particulate matter and water that are picked up when it is transferred several times between where it is generated and delivery to your office.

The liquid nitrogen from the elan2 is 98% pure, and you are in control of the nitrogen from the time it is generated - ensuring minimal water or contamination between the time you get what you need and use it. The 2% impurity is oxygen that cannot be readily removed from the liquid nitrogen. It is not dangerous - being of small quanitities and integrated with the LN2.

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