Customer References

Center for Dermatology & Skin Cancer, IL: I am very happy with the purchase of our Elan2.  I use LN2 on a daily basis therefore the machine has been very economical for me.  Before I had the machine we had to schedule LN2 delivery every 7-10 days.  Our experience with customer service has also been outstanding and our experience with the replacement has been very timely.  The new machine has been reliable, easy to use, and easy to maintain. The Elan2 is the best investment in the medical equipment I have ever made.  I used to pay $350 per delivery every 7-10 days.  The cost of LN2 continues to escalate every year and has gotten out of control as insurance reimbursements continue to decline.  Take control over the costs of your practice as I did.  The Elan2 paid for itself in one year! No equipment is perfect or never breaks.  The Elan2 is extremely reliable, but if it fails, don’t worry.  MMR stands behind their warranty 100%.  When my generator did not perform properly, MMR not only replaced the entire unit, they reimbursed me for the cost of the LN2 that I had to purchase during the 2 week down time.  I received personal customer care from the owner directly.  Such customer service is a rarity today. If you provide LN2 to your patients, every practice should own an Elan2. I am a real customer and not paid for my commentary.  I will provide Maria’s contact information to verify my statements are true and factual. – Dr. Robert V. Kolbusz, MD

Los Alamos Medical Care Clinic, NM says:
We got our Machine in 2011 and have had no problems up until this year which were fixable painlessly.  We have two Dermatologists that use the liquid nitrogen every day.  We also supply local primary care providers with liquid nitrogen for a nominal fee.  On occasion we have participated in the local health fairs and made LN2 ice cream.   I would highly recommend the machine and the company.  - Dr. Thomsen, MD

Richard Johnson of Pittsburg, PA says:
I have been using my Elan2 unit for more than a year now and can’t be more pleased with the unit.  No more worrying about liquid nitrogen deliveries, transportation or even if my local welding supply company is going to be able to continue to supply me with the liquid nitrogen I use on a daily basis in my dermatology practice. The unit is reliable and easy to use:  sitting in the corner churning out liquid nitrogen day and night.  And, any questions I have about the unit’s operation are readily answered by a knowledgeable and friendly member of the MMR-Tech team. I only wish the unit had been available 20 years ago when I started my practice (and I had been smart enough to have purchased one then)  I’d be “way ahead” as far as cost per day’s use of liquid nitrogen is concerned! - Dr. Johnson, MD

Northshore Dermatology Center of Lake Forest, IL says:
I purchased the Elan2 Liquid Nitrogen Generator for my dermatology office. It is very convenient to have LN2 available 24/7 and not to worry about running out. The Elan2 machine doesn’t take much space and is very easy to operate. In the past, my office would have to order LN2 every 2 weeks, with Elan2 we always have our Dewar full, it is cost effective without delivery hassles. - Dr. Tina C. Venetos, MD

G. Todd Bessinger, Honolulu, HI says: We've been a customer of MMR Technologies since 2008 and we are extremely pleased with all aspects of the MMR team. The liquid nitrogen generator works exceptionally well, the warranty is fantastic, and the customer service is second-to-none. We strongly recommend the Elan2 for your medical practice. - Dr. Bessinger, MD, PHD